Case Studies

man standing at retrofit console

Queensland Ambulance has call centres in all provincial cities as well as two in Brisbane. Apart from the Kedron Emergency Operations Centre, these centres needed an upgrade from older sitting height consoles to a sit-stand version.

The options included replacement of the consoles with new consoles or placement of off the shelf sit-stand products on top of the current consoles.

The off the shelf sit-stand solutions are all quite small and impractical for control room use. Ergowork was asked to come up with a solution. We considered the issue and decided a full-size desktop module could be done and, at the same time, improve the desktop shape to provide forearm support with a wraparound profile. The solution had to be one which could be installed in 1-2 hours as the call centres had to keep operating.

The solution involved a suitable shaped top to suit two different sized consoles fitted with electric powered legs but with the legs housed inside steel tubes atop the new desktop to allow easy installation. Linak legs were used and pre-fitted to the new tops so the whole top could be lifted onto a console, the bases screwed onto the existing top and wiring then connected.

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