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Ergowork has been in the business of assisting companies with ergonomic design and practical outcomes since 2000.
Our philosophy is to apply the latest knowledge about the human body, its structure, biomechanics and function, to the physical layout, equipment, furniture, lighting, sound, processes and computer interfaces of any workplace or project.

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Providing Ergonomics Design & Consulting to the following industries:








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We work with architects, project managers and engineers to assess, review and further develop their designs.

The human is the centre of design whether as user, operator, passive participant or observer. By designing to optimise human performance and well-being we can assist in achieving user centred design.

Recent projects have included human factors assessments and design changes in the New Generation Rollingstock trains for Queensland Rail and traffic control aspects, ergonomic design advice and specifications for the Singapore NSE Freeway and Tunnel Control Room, designing a retrofit full size sit-stand desktop for Queensland Ambulance call centres, mobile plant design reviews for BHP and other miners.

“At Ergowork we begin with the user population then examine the current design and ways of doing things, listening to the operators while taking account of all project goals. Workstation design, ergonomic assessments, human factors design reviews, office ergonomics, OHS risk assessments are all part of what we do.”
Design involvement has extended from initial concept through mockup, prototype, user evaluation stages to final design, fabrication and installation as in the cluster design and various consoles/workstations required for the Rio Tinto Remote Operations Centre in Perth (see case study – Rio Tinto Operations Centre Perth).

Risk analysis, human factors assessments, incident investigations and human computer interaction

are also a big part of what we do, for example, analysing the GUI (Graphic User Interface) and software features of the new electronic train graph (ETG) designed for QR. Forensic analysis applied to investigation of a surf lifesaver’s fatal accident and many other public place and workplace accidents. Legal expert reports are one of our specialities.

Rail human factors ergonomics

has been a significant part of our work, covering human factors design reviews of new trains, train systems, traffic control and scheduling with HF analysis of the human-machine interface, control room design, train cockpit, visibility and sightline, ETCS – train management and other aspects.

Return to Work Ergonomics/Rehab

is all about recognising that long term injuries can be reduced by effective workplace interventions involving a team approach; research shows that workplace changes to reduce physical load or poor postures are an important component of a successful multi-disciplinary bio-psychosocial rehabilitation program (MBR). Ergowork assists the RTW coordinator in assessing an injured workers tasks and determining sound ergonomic changes (organisational, physical or psychosocial).
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