Control Room Design

Ergonomic design in control rooms is critical for performance & outcomes

Control rooms have become more common along with remote operations. These are places where ergonomic design is critical. Operators often work long hours and need to be vigilant and perform well. Human factors analysis needs to consider the physical layout, human-computer interface, environmental aspects, communication and collaboration.

Ergowork has performed major work on very large and relatively small projects including the Rio Tinto Perth Operations Centre, The Roy Hill Operations Centre, Woodside Petroleum Perth Operations Centre, Queensland Emergency Operations Centre, AEMO Control Centre Brisbane, the Singapore NSE Freeway and Tunnel Control Centre and many others.

By involving ergonomists at an early stage there is the opportunity for a much better design to allow for optimal postures (by way of specialised console shape), active positioning (sit-stand), effective line of sight and visual fields, effective layout, improved software (we assess GUI design for ergonomics) or best work positions and layout to suit software, superior lighting, sound, storage and other aspects.

Ergowork will develop effective room layout for visual demands, communication, collaboration and traffic taking account of videowall/overview displays. Visual ergonomics is a key aspect of control room ergonomics.

Make the engagement of an ergonomist part of the contract to ensure optimal human factors and ergonomic design.

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