Human Factor Ergonomic Design Review

Human Factor Ergonomic Design Review

Ergowork has often been called in to review an intended purchase of plant or equipment or a new building to determine any need for changes to the design or specifications – particularly at the human interface.

Examples of human factor ergonomic design review include mobile plant for mines and factories, a rail maintenance facility (walkways and access systems), new rollingstock for a rail operator, new office seats to suit government purchasing policies, a process line in a meatworks, architectural plans for office fitouts and control rooms.

These reviews are performed as an audit against the design specifications or to suggest improvements prior to completion or both.

By having new plant, buildings, equipment, facilities or software reviewed by an Ergonomist at an early stage many ergonomic and safety problems can be prevented at less cost.

Involve Ergowork in your project to help ensure sound design and happier employees and operators.

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